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Toxic Mutant Character Design

Well in the interest of google ranking boosting and just generally making it easier for you to find things based on the post headings I’ll be using more appropriate/descriptive titles for the posts from now on.

This is from a small game project (2008) for which I developed some character designs based on rough outlines of individuals working separately, the idea was to bring all the designs together and construct a story and world for them all to exist within, we ended up putting them on a boat full of toxic waste, which enabled us to have a rag tag crew (since the character were quite disparate) and then mutate them to accommodate the more radical characters (the giant "Mindless Killing Thing' (MKT) being one of them). The night before the deadline we realized we needed an intro clip for the DVD; so I wiped this up.

I lost the original images so this is just a record of the character designs, which is the only reason I’m putting them up since the motion design is terrible, though I blame my old computer at the time which never could playback at full frame rate no matter what I did.
I like the captain (he was my character) and the stereo typed kangaroo is pretty fun, and it's nice to see that I've always liked this mustard colour.

I might post some old animations up here as a bit of an archive so that I can do a bit of spring harddrive cleaning, just as soon and the weather resembles anything like spring! So expect more below par work with the excuse 'I did it when I was young'.

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