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ThatMovingThing 05 - Cosmic

A loose interpretation of the theme for this round, I started with a galactic swirl (feel free to use that as a band name...or ice-cream) representing the 'arms' of the swirl (localised gravitational variations) with small Platonic shapes but it looked a bit hackneyed so I clashed stuff together with an 'attractor'.

The fifth installment (my third) of a tag competition/collaboration (collabetition?) - found here:
in which myself matthewood.co.uk and Rosie Roche rosieroche.co.uk do... friendly battle on the fertile grounds of motion graphics, each using the last frame of the previous clip as our starting point with a word or phrase as the theme for that round. Check out the tumblr for the other clips and maybe some behind the scenes (I can hear you gasps of amazement from here).

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