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ThatMovingThing 01 - Camera Lucida

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The beginning of a tag competition/collaboration (collabetition?) - found here:
in which myself www.matthewood.co.uk and Rosie Roche www.rosieroche.co.uk do... friendly battle on the fertile grounds of motion graphics, each using the last frame of the previous clip as our starting point with a word or phrase as the theme for that round.
[right click -> loop] if you want to see every frame (and who wouldn't!?).

50mm Lens Modeled/Animated/Rendered in Cinema4D (my first really attempt with the software... I wish I had given it a shot earlier). Comp and everything else in After Effects CS5.

Camera Lucida:
Latin "Light Room" as opposed to camera obscura "Dark Room" - so I played with the duality of light and dark while being all together too literal and modelling a camera lens (even though the Camera Lucida device looks nothing like the camera lens I have depicted).

Also had fun using After Effects' Audio Effects to create the ...'soundscape', the source of which is a series of noises from an old SLR... so I'm all over the shop as far as continuity is concerned.

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