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ThatMovingThing 02 - Panther

Black and deep purple. Growls and howls, and some vaguely African patterns… a panther eye!
The first ‘part’ is a Flash animation – I originally drew a sketchy ‘thunder cats’ style shiny laser beam but scaled it back to conform to my more geometric 3D, Cinema 4D again as I’m still loving it’s quick results.

The third installment (my second) of a tag competition/collaboration (collabetition?) - found here:
in which myself matthewood.co.uk and Rosie Roche rosieroche.co.uk do... friendly battle on the fertile grounds of motion graphics, each using the last frame of the previous clip as our starting point with a word or phrase as the theme for that round. Check out the tumblr for the other clips and maybe some behind the scenes if you're lucky.

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