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Got INK?

...why yes, yes I do. 

Actually I don’t any more, I just went to check whether it was india or sumi (so that you could be better informed) and found that I’d not put the lid on properly luckily I foresaw this and had it in it’s own little plastic bag within my art bag (small plastic bag that houses every art supply I’ve ever managed to blag, this ink represented my second ever art supply purchase (charcoal being the other))  but I also had the nib in there which is now caked. So it’s anonymous ink for the time being – I’ll head back to the same shop and let you know when I post whatever I create in the future. 

Over in the real world: I’m going to be looking for some work experience. Preferably in visual effects but I’m open to working in animation. So if you’re in Bristol or London and want to have a hard working slave work experiencer any time between now and the end of easter then please let me know.

The only bit worth putting on the world’s wide web is the ‘tongue’ of this monster, that’s how I would have done the entire thing if I’d known how the hell to ink with a nib. Well I do now. So watch out!

Stay in scale blogosphere,


p.s – it’s a fish because I was going to do an octopus (octopus ink!) - so you can see that I’m pretty much just drawing so that I have good puns for the blog post titles – that’s how an artist should work right?

p.p.s - not a great post. I'll do something good tomorrow. Promise.

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