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Ug-me (...like ug-ly)

In a strange fit of self-deprecating narcissism I've been all edgy and done an unflattering self portrait. It was a Biro doodle that turned out ok so I scanned it in and then got all self conscious about it before uploading here so I threw some colour and ‘shade’ on it as we all do when we cover our shame before going out in public – so unless you’re a naturist your judgement will go unheeded.

Sorry to any American viewers, those are actually teeth in my mouth, I'm not eating an entire packet of polo mints. The text is the back of the story I drew on (I also wrote the story (aren't I clever?!)

In other news, you may recall the image I posted a while back in which I showed a character I was rigging. Well we finished* the animation and handed it in (it was an assignment for university) along with a lovely production bible and DVD cases.

* the animation was in fact not finished, so I'm here to announce the actual start of production. Thanks to an assessment period and an inter-term break we now have almost a month off and intend to finish 'PAINT' before...some time before we go back to university proper.

In other other news: I intend to upload a sketch a day until I return to university proper. If I miss a day I'll upload two the next and so on ...expect a post with 30 sketches in it in about a month.

You stay shot from a good angle blogosphere,



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