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Paint 01

‘Paint’ is my biggest project in the works right now. A 90 second animation to be entered into the Depict (very) short film competition. This is a group project including Finn Hodgkin and Rob Thompson, together we are ‘Power Walk Productions’ – you can follow this blog for updates but we’re woefully behind with the whole documentation side of things – we’re a bit behind schedule in general actually – aforementioned fractured wrist isn’t helping and a bout of food poisoning has us about a week behind – I’m hoping to gain ground come the animation stage.
Expertly modelled by Rob Thompson – inexpertly rigged (facial) by me.
In the featured images you can see me preparing to freeze transformations of the curves that will be driving facial deformations (pulse pounding stuff I know!). Hoping to have the whole face rigged tomorrow - maybe I'll let you have a look.

Stay animated (facially) blogosphere.

p.s - as you may have guessed; the '01' in the title alludes to the number of posts I intend to make...fewer than 100.

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