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Taking a break...fracture

Short version: Came off my bike on some ice – fractured wrist – got cast – realised I couldn’t operate a mouse (or hold a pencil)– argued with 3 different doctors (one might have been a nurse) – got cast removed – regretted decision.

Can’t help but think they might have missed the problem area.
(the censored wavy mass is my unmade bed – easier to censor than address the problem (I’m like a government (take that society!)))

Longer version: At the start of the academic year I vowed to take full advantage of my free bus pass (valued at £200-£250) but after a week of watching the jam packed busses sail past (because I live next to a Venetian conserve transportation route?...no) I decided to get a bike – something sensible, second hand and cheap – so after ignoring all but one of those criteria and purchasing my rickety 1960s racing bike for £160 I set off and realised I could get there faster than the bus if I wanted to – I didn’t come off once despite getting my wheels trapped in slippery tram tracks on more than one occasions and any number of attempts on my life by hate filled passing motorists - it was all going wonderfully well until the 14th of November was a little bit frosty and my bike, tired of it constant verticality, chose to embrace the frosty ground in most shameless a fashion. So after assuring passers-by that I was fine and straightening some of my bike out I resumed my ride to uni. On the way I played the Gollum to my Sméagol:
“this really, really feels like it’s fractured”
“it’s your right wrist – it can’t be fractured or you won’t be able to work”
“yer – but it’s fractured – can’t just deny it and keep going”
“can and will!”
“Master betrayed us. Wicked. Tricksy, False. We ought to wring his filthy little neck. Kill him! Kill him! Kill them both! And then we take the precious... and we be the master!”
“Chill out dude, it's just a magical ring. (well in The Hobbit it was - LotR made it the all powerful central macguffin)”

So yer – fractured wrist not great for animating.

You stay relativity unbroken blogosphere,

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