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Business Socks

... I mean 'card' (not socks). Scared into action by this here guardian article; I have designed a logo and started on a business card. Actually it's part of a professional practice module but the article helped to spur me on since I was wondering if the old card was a bit tired - sure it gives you a chance to prove your design skills while providing valuable contact information, but is it really effective in getting you work? The answer is a resounding- "so what?" - for a small investment you increase your chances of being contacted and with consistent branding make sure you're remembered. I think it's likely worth it even if it simply serves to let your potential future employer know they're on the right website when the logos match the card in their hand (clutched to their job giving bosom if you’ve designed it right?)
Say it Missy
Get it? the 'M' becomes a 'W' upside down (maybe even inside out?). The problem I’ve got is that it looks far too sterile and frankly…too much like a logo, by which I mean like a corporate logo – something designed, not a visual representation of who and what I am – but what would be? A stonking great mug shot with a list of services? That’s not what you put on a business card! (it’s more the kind of thing you’d expect to see pinned to the wall inside a lonely phone box) – I’m probably going to hand draw the logo for a more personal feel – might sketch out the font as well. See it soon and exclusively on this blog! 

At the end of the day – no one wants to have to commit a spate of gruesome murders just because they have a ‘bone’ coloured business card. (did I miss the point of that book/film?)

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