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Sovereigns of the Palaeolithic Epoch

Made my now almost biannual frivolous purchase recently; I’m a frugal and completely immaterialistic sort of a guy and so I rarely buy anything that I don’t absolutely need or can’t consume (i.e anything that isn’t food) so when I do splurge it’s a small thing that I know I’ll love forever. My last purchase was James Jean’s Hint Mint collection which met the criteria quite well in that I love the boxes and can consume the mints (though I have only had a few of the ‘Minty Mambas’, the other two are still sealed (I’m sailing dangerously close to nerdom here). You’ll know I’m a follower of Jean from my tribute site (created as part of an assignment) Note: can’t believe I missed a chance to see him in London!
Which leads me onto my most recent purchase (since they, along with Doc Hammer, Chri...Jason Public and Jean are on my 'people to see in the flesh before either of us die' list):

Queens of the Stone Age – Better Living Through Chemistry Music Box!
Get one for yourself here:
See it in action here:

So happy with it (and QOTSA in general) that I started sketching and ended up with this:

Used images to inject a bit of cool into it. Found them here(s):
Realised that I’m showing none of my working on the blog (mathematics teachers everywhere are crying) Here’s the initial sketch:

Started drawing a fluffy feather jacket thing and bent it a bit to suit a ‘tribute’ to the sex, drugs and sexy drug that is Queens of the Stone Age. Needs to be way more erotic but I wasn’t in the mood to get graphic, so as a terrible threat I might leave some space in the blog for a better more accurate tribute to QOTSA... expect to be turned on!

Open up your arms blogosphere,


(you get a kiss when I'm happy (just have to work out the single letter symbol for a backhand slap and I'll be able to let you know when I'm unhappy as well))

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